In January, 2014, 65 institutions from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC approved a new rule stating that Div. I student-athletes can now receive aid that provides funds to help pay the full costs of attending college, such as travel and other expenses.

Since then it has been adopted by other Div. I conferences and their member institutions, including the Mid-American Conference.

NIU was the first institution in the MAC to adopt Cost of Attendance, adding $800,000 to $1,200,000 in new annual expenses.

NIU Athletics is dedicated to remaining competitive, regionally and nationally. Cost of Attendance allows NIU coaches and staff the ability to recruit and retain student-athletes that will keep the NIU brand in the national spotlight.

Cost of Attendance allows NIU coaches and staff the ability to recruit and retain premiere student-athletes that will continue the storied history of NIU Athletics.

NIU Athletics is dedicated to providing a student-athlete experience that is second to none.




NIU's Financial Aid Office determines all elements of cost of attendance, including the miscellaneous expense (cost of attendance gap) element. This determination is made for all students attending NIU as it helps determine their overall financial need to attend school.

The cost of attendance gap is provided to cover a student-athlete's additional reasonable expenses related to attending college.

Examples of expenses include transportation, use of a computer, cell phone, clothing, laundry, child care, personal and hygiene items, and other reasonable expenses associated with attending college

During the fall semester SAASS (Student-Athlete Academic Support Services) hosts a work-shop for all student-athletes that focuses on the education of financial planning while in college.