Huskie Nation,

Thank you for your outpouring of support over the past several months. It is difficult to imagine where we would be without your willingness to stick with us during these uncertain times. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate COVID-19 within our department and the broader landscape of intercollegiate athletics. Your collective passion for all things Huskies continue to inspire us as we face the numerous obstacles ahead.

NIU Athletics is facing the greatest financial challenge we have seen in our lifetime and we absolutely need each and every one of you to stand with us for Huskies Invest. The financial impact of COVID-19 is real. We are minimally facing a $3 million shortfall and currently projecting a 23% decrease in overall revenue with the capacity restrictions in place for fall and winter sports. As we have shared previously, we took significant cost containment actions that directly impacts our student-athletes, coaches, staff and all of our operational staff. This is not an easy time and these are not easy decisions. All that to say – we need you now more than ever before.

As we begin the 2020-21 academic year, even with most fall sports postponed to the spring and football not starting until November, it is critical that we understand we still have an obligation to educate and support our young people in every possible way, through our faculty, medical teams, sports performance, and mental health services, they all play significant factors in the well-being of our student-athletes. Support from our community is vital as well.

We are asking all of Huskie Nation, whether you are an alum, former student-athlete, parent, season ticket member, community member, or just someone who can help, to consider participating in the Huskies Invest campaign. No gift is too big or too small – ALL gifts will make a direct impact in support of our more than 400 NIU student-athletes and 17 sports programs.

We will get through this as this too shall pass, but we need you Huskies! The strength of the dog is in the pack and HUSKIES.NEVER.QUIT.

Forward, Together Forward!

Sean T. Frazier
Associate VP, Director of Athletics


What benefits will I receive?

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented incentives. As was originally outlined at the start of the pandemic, Huskies Invest and Season Ticket Members may receive:

Upgraded Huskie Athletic Fund (HAF) member benefits

  • If you make a gift this year (2020) as well as in 2021 (prior to June 20, 2021) we will upgrade your membership by one level for fall 2021!

Triple Priority Points (3 points per $100)

  • This could play a significant factor in seat selection should we still have capacity restrictions in the spring and/or next fall (2021)

Potential for additional points via employer matching gifts

HAF donor benefits (may decline to increase your tax deductibility if you so choose)

Recognition on the Huskies Invest online donor board

...And More!

Give Now


Huskies Invest provides a platform for all of us who are true passionate Huskie fans to help impact the lives of our student-athletes. All of us are so vital to the growth of these young people. Thanks to all of you who already support us and for those of you who may be new to the Huskie Family. Go Huskies!

Lisa Carlsen

Head Coach Women's Basketball

The main reason I give back is because the teams need it. I'm giving back to Huskies Invest because it's the right thing to do. It needs to start with us. Thank you and Go Huskies!

Sam Morreale

Head Coach Women's Gymnastics

We are Huskies, we do it the Hard Way – we have forever and always will. In regard to the season, when it comes, there's no question that me and my boys will be ready. Thank you for your support! Go Huskies!

Kyle Pugh


I just want to say thank you to all of our past and present donors. One of the main reasons I chose to come to NIU was the amazing facilities and coaching staff. I've been able to achieve so many of my personal goals and team goals since being here. None of this would be possible without your donations. Thank you for your support and everything you do for the athletic department. Go Huskies!

Mia Lord

Women's Gymnastics

I was fortunate 31 years ago to become graduate assistant athletic trainer here at Northern Illinois University. I received my master's degree and two of my three children are currently enrolled here at NIU – It's important to give back. In particular with Huskie Athletics, I give back to help support our student-athletes. It's important whether it's a little or a lot that everyone participates in Huskies Invest.

Phil Voorhis

Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine and Athletic Training


You have four (4) options:

  1. Wait for the final determination to be made relating to having fans in the stands for the modified fall season.
  2. Donate:The money from a modified fall season remains with Athletics as a donation and goes to offset the extensive departmental expenses associated with COVID-19.
  3. Rollover: The money from a modified fall season remains with Athletics and will be used as a credit for the 2021 football season.
  4. Refund: Request for a refund of your 2020 football season tickets.

Premium seat payments can be allocated as outlined above or left as unrestricted income to Athletics to assist in covering the numerous financial needs via the Huskies Invest campaign.

No. You will continue to have the option to renew your same seats in 2021 regardless of which option you choose in 2020. To discuss your options you may contact the Huskie Ticket Office at or 815.753.PACK or the Huskie Athletic Fund at or 815.753.1923.

Typically a donor would receive 1 point for every $100 donated whether that is to the Huskie Athletic Fund via unrestricted or sports specific gift, gift-in-kind, per seat contribution or for capital projects. We are offering 3 points this year which could have a significant impact should NIU still have capacity restrictions that require a seat selection process to take place either in the spring or next fall. The seat selection process would be conducted via the HAF priority points system. To learn more click here.

If a premium seat Season Ticket Member does not submit the form found on this website prior to Nov. 1, 2020, your seat related contribution will be considered a donation and used to support Huskies Invest in 2020 and providing you with triple priority points.

COVID-19 expenses along with the unanticipated loss in football related revenue this fall is having a devastating effect on our department so your support is critical. Any gift, no matter the size, in support of the Huskies Invest campaign will impact our student-athletes and allow of our teams and department the ability to compete when the time comes. To make a gift please call the Huskie Athletic Fund at 815.753.1923 or click on any of the GIVE NOW buttons on this page.

Yes! Many of our alumni and friends work for companies that offer generous matches to their employee contributions. Those matches amount to thousands of extra dollars for Huskie Athletics each year. Not only do these funds double your impact, you can earn additional priority points in the process.