Huskie Athletic Fund donors are "representatives of NIU’s athletic interests" (commonly known as boosters); therefore, are bound by NCAA rules.

General NCAA Rules to Remember

  • Do not provide anything to a prospect or current student-athlete without specific permission from the Huskie Athletic Compliance Office.
  • Only NIU’s coaches and staff members may be involved in the recruiting process. Boosters may not perform any recruiting functions.
  • Only after a student attends classes at NIU or begins official team practices does he or she become a student-athlete. Prior to either of these, an individual is considered a prospective student-athlete, even if they have signed a National Letter of Intent or financial aid agreement with NIU.
  • If a student-athlete accepts benefits due to their status as a student-athlete or because of their athletics ability, his or her eligibility is at risk.
  • Please do not provide gifts to our student-athletes (i.e. Holiday Gifts or Senior Gifts) as this constitutes as an extra benefit. By providing these gifts to the student-athletes, you are risking their eligibility. If you would like to do something, please be sure to contact a member of the HAF office.
  • Please do not provide meals to our student-athletes (i.e. paying for dinner at a restaurant) as this also constitutes as an extra benefit and risks the eligibility of our student-athletes. If you would like to provide a meal to one of our student-athletes or to one of our athletic teams, please contact a member from either the HAF office or the HACO. Representatives of NIU’s athletic interest can be permitted to provide an “occasional meal” provided it is approved by the Huskie Athletic Compliance Office. Occasional meals must happen at your home or in a NIU athletics facility.
  • NCAA rules apply to student-athletes at all times of the year, including summer and during the off-season.

A "prospect" is any student, regardless of athletic ability or participation, who has started classes for the ninth grade. An extra benefit is any special arrangement provided to student-athletes or prospects that is not otherwise available to all NIU students or the general public.

Ask Before You Act

Contact the Huskie Athletic Compliance Office at 815-753-8447 or via email to or Twitter @NIURules.

For more information about NCAA rules that apply to you as a booster, visit and select "COMPLIANCE" under the Athletics tab.