Huskie Athletic Fund donors are "representatives of NIU’s athletic interests" (commonly known as boosters); therefore, are bound by NCAA rules.

General NCAA Rules to Remember

  • Do not provide anything to a prospect or current student-athlete without specific permission from the Huskie Athletic Compliance Office.
  • Only NIU’s coaches and staff members may be involved in the recruiting process. Boosters may not perform any recruiting functions.
  • Only after a student attends classes at NIU or begins official team practices does he or she become a student-athlete. Prior to either of these, an individual is considered a prospective student-athlete, even if they have signed a National Letter of Intent or financial aid agreement with NIU.
  • If a student-athlete accepts benefits due to their status as a student-athlete or because of their athletics ability, his or her eligibility is at risk.
  • NCAA rules apply to student-athletes at all times of the year, including summer and during the off-season.

A "prospect" is any student, regardless of athletic ability or participation, who has started classes for the ninth grade. An extra benefit is any special arrangement provided to student-athletes or prospects that is not otherwise available to all NIU students or the general public.

Ask Before You Act

Contact the Huskie Athletic Compliance Office at 815-753-8447 or via email to or Twitter @NIURules.

For more information about NCAA rules that apply to you as a booster, visit and select "COMPLIANCE" under the Athletics tab.